Rings, Sitename and pagename isn't working


I created a new CD card with 3.03, expanded filesystem and booted with wired internet. Worked right off the bat!!!

I tried to set the PageName, SiteShow = true, SiteLat = 3x.xxxx;, SiteLon = -11x.xxxx, and SiteName = “rpi14”.

The lat and lon took but the sitename and Pagename isn’t working. Also tried setting SiteCirclesDistances = new Array(25,50,100, 150,200); and that doesn’t work either. The default rings do show up though even with the setting I entered. Any ideas?

I have sd cards with dump1090-mutability 1.15 and and the version with the Heatmap & range/altitude (tedsluis) and have been able to set the rings (can’t remember which one originally did this).

Thanks in advance!!!


3.03 has rings by default at 100, 150, and 200 miles. Do you see your center point as a solid black dot?



…and I learn something new.

Thank you sir.


Thanks abcd567, It looks like I have everything set that way except I haven’t looked in the style.css (although it looks like only a font color update). I had to shut down the system as I’m dragging it with me out to Kauai for the next week. I hope to be up out there on Sat evening or Sunday morning. I will look at this again then. I think I have the edits you called out in config.js updated but as I said, its just not taking them.


Possibly browser is using old cached files. Try reloading the browser. If this does not work, then clear browser’s cache.