Quick v5-6.1 sanity check?

I have been deliberating on whether to update the Pi that feeds FA, FR24, RB24 & ADSBxchange for a while now as there are a bunch of RPi updates along with RB24 and possibly PiAware v6.1 as I thought I had been using v5 for some time now.

I always have a tough time when it comes to updating this particular Pi as there are a lot of things going on that I am not fully familiar with and the thought of something going wrong and having to troubleshoot causes me to lose sleep!

This despite my cloning the SD Card onto another MicroSD Card I keep in an adaptor before any major upgrade. Did I say I was paranoid? :crazy_face:

So although I thought I was running v5 when I check my online stats it states I am running;

PiAware (Debian Package Add-on) 6.1

I never knowingly updated this myself but when I checked my settings I noticed the ‘Auto-update PiAware software’ button was set to Allow so can I assume it has updated automatically?

Is there any way to check the date that this update occurred and indeed any previous updates from my last known v5 installation please?

Also if I am running v6.1 as reported online then why when I type sudo apt update and then apt list --upgradable do I see the following line;

piaware-repository/unknown 6.1 all [upgradable from: 5.0]

Just curious so I am clear with what is happening on my Pi… :thinking:

Thanks & kind regards,

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I’m sure someone will clarify the apt list entry for you but I don’t have auto updates enabled, merely use apt update then apt upgrade. I feed the same as you except RB24

Reinstalling all feeds is quite easy, there are numerous scripts available that simplify it but not always easy to find them…just a suggestion, the Pi Zero W is so cheap that everything can be backed up in that and held as a spare, or second feeder. If both used a second set of data shows on your stats page.


Yep, if that option is set then we will push out update commands (It’s “auto” in the sense that there’s no user intervention on your side; it’s still a manual decision on our side to send the command).

sdcard installs default to auto-updates on. Package installs default to auto updates off.

Look at /var/log/dpkg.log

Thanks for taking the time to reply guys;

send2gl: Yeah I always use the usual apt update followed by apt full-upgrade when I want to update all of my Pi’s but I disagree that reinstalling is quite easy…well at least for me its not!

I must have forgotten more than I learnt which is why I am always hesitant when to comes to upgrading a working system no matter what system it is.

I have depended on my cloned MicroSD Card procedure more than once and it seems to work well for me but I would rather not have to use it if I can help it. It’s why I don’t usually upgrade at the drop of a hat but wait for the dust to settle in the first place.

abcd567: As you know and as I said to Geoff I have my mission-proven, battle hardened MicroSD Card cloning method that has served me well. I already have too many Pi’s but thanks for the suggestion! :crazy_face:

obj: It has recognised my install as a Debian Package Add-on so I guess then at some point I must have turned on the Auto-update function which is unusual for me as I always turn off that function if I am aware of it. Too many times in the past have I been caught out like that. It’s definitely set to Prevent now though. Funny that I should be worrying about updating something that has already been updated without my knowledge! :laughing:

Thanks for the pointer of where to look…I see dpkg.log is a zero byte file dated 1/10/21 but dpkg.log1 was dated 22/9/21. I should have noticed something has been overwritten as my lovely Graphs button at the top right of the SkyAware page has reverted back to the annoying Hide All Tracks button and so I’ll have to dig out my notes to find out what modifications I made to what file in the past. Second time this has happened so is there a way to stop this happening going forward? Apart from not updating anything? Is there anything else that might have got overwritten by the update?

Thanks all for taking the time to babysit a grown man who has no fear but that of upgrading his Virtual Radar Raspberry Pi… :rofl:

Just the AirNav RBFeeder update to worry about now… :wink:

Thanks & kind regards,

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The tl;dr is don’t make changes to package-owned files if you don’t want them to be overwritten. Anything listed under dpkg -L packagename is fair game for overwriting. You can find the package that owns a particular file by dpkg -S /path/to/file.

If you want to modify the static skyaware files that are owned by the dump1090-fa et al packages and don’t want your changes to be stomped on, then make a copy of them elsewhere and modify the copy (and configure your webserver to use the copy, not the original). Package upgrades will replace the original files but leave your copy untouched. No guarantees that your copy actually continues to work, of course - maybe there are changes required that your copy doesn’t have.

(1) In mlat-client package supplied by AirNav repositories, the bug “mlat-client not starting when rbfeeder was restarted by command systemctl restart rbfeeder” has been fixed :slight_smile:

(2) The ver 0.4.3 has same bug of delayed stoping/restart as ver 0.4.2 had. Both versions take about 60 sec to stop / restart. This also adds 60 seconds to reboot time of the Pi :frowning:

Below is the changelog of 0.4.3:

pi@raspberrypi:~ $ dpkg-parsechangelog -l /usr/share/doc/rbfeeder/changelog.Debian.gz

Source: rbfeeder
Version: 0.4.3-20210909231001
Distribution: stable
Urgency: medium
Maintainer: Joao Antunes <jantunes@airnavsystems.com>
Timestamp: 1631229248
Date: Thu, 09 Sep 2021 23:14:08 +0000
 rbfeeder (0.4.3-20210909231001) stable; urgency=medium
   * Enabled the sharing of ADS-B transponder integrity and accuracy parameters.
   * Interval for sending data to RadarBox servers is now configurable and is set to 1 second by default.
   * The output of the dump1090-rb process can now be saved into a log file.
   * Fixed a bug where the error correction setting was not being forwarded to dump1090-rb.
   * Error correction using CRC is now disabled by default.


OK…thanks abcd,

So AirNav have fixed one bug but left in the other? Why am I not surprised…

So the $64m question is…shall I keep the one I downloaded from you some time ago or do you have an even newer bugfixed version I should download?

I still have the sudo apt-mark hold mlat-client that you advised me on and it has been doing its job so should I just keep a hold on mlat-client for now?

Thanks & kind regards,

No need to do anything to mlat-client, as there is no change in its version. Simply upgrade rbfeeder from old version to new by following command, and that is all.

sudo bash -c "$(wget -O - http://apt.rb24.com/inst_rbfeeder.sh)"  

During installation it will ask if you want to keep your current config file or replace by package maintainers version (default is keep N). Just say keep (N).

Wonderful…many thanks as always abcd,

Once again I worried too much! Followed the command above and all went OK apart from one Warning but I can’t remember what it was and I couldn’t copy the window text as when the install finished it seemed to clear all of the update details just leaving a summary. Should have saved a screenshot. Does it write an installation log anywhere I wonder?

There was a moment when I thought the installer had hung but I was patient (although panicky) but all went through in the end.

Checked all of the feeders and all seems good.

Only 103 RPi updates to go now to fully update the box but I thought I’d get the important bit out of the way first and let the dust settle!

Thanks & kind regards,

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