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Quick question on local reception

Hello there, When running piaware how can you tell if the planes on the map are heard from your dongle and not Mlat. Sorry for rubbish question :wink:

73s Kev

No, no, no, your question is not rubbish. There is a helpful bunch here, and someone will always try to give you an answer.

Go to your PiAware SkyAware page with the map on the left and grid on the right. Expand the grid to fill the screen by using the second icon from the top. Look at the 17th column labeled Data Source. It will show ADS-B or MLAT (in a different color) for each aircraft displayed on the map.

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Assuming you are using a Raspberry (not a Blackberry as i asked before) you can also install the alternative web interface tar1090, provided by wiedehopf.

This is an addon which is showing exact the same aircraft than Skyview, but you have different columns which show you if MLAT or ADS-B

Following the link you will see a screenshot of the interface. In the table the aircraft with yellow background are coming from MLAT

Did you mean Raspberry…? All these fruit named pieces of electrical equipment. Apple, Rasberry, Blackberry. It’s a veritable fruit salad :slight_smile:

For sure Raspberry, too many fruit the last days

Don’t forget about other fruit on the list: Orange-pi and banana-pi

To add to the confusion, I use an Apple to access my Raspberries :smiley:

There was even an Apricot computer company

Thank you, That gave me the info i needed. Do you know if there is a way of re-populating the grid.

73s Kev MM0KJG

Hi there, How hard to add the adsb exchange to my piaware image please?

Cheers Kev

For Beginners - How-to SSH to RPi - Setup Putty in Windows


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One of the easiest things to do.

Follow the script method
Or follow what @wiedehopf has stated.

I was using Blackberries for years as my work phone provided by the company i work for.
We moved to Android devices > 7 years ago. No idea why the name came into my mind now.

Yes, we did too before we moved to iPhones. I still think the Blackberry with a physical keyboard was a better business device for email than a keyboardless smartphone.

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Setting up now under kevtheskin1 ;). Will this stop my piaware feed

No, the adsbexchange script setup shouldn’t interfere with anything as it’s not touching the decoder (which talks to the SDR).
Only getting data from 30005, doing some stuff and sending data.

Hello again, Thats it installed how do I view on another pc on network. My rasp is headerless

Its me again, I think i am sending data now how can i view what I am sending locally on a map like piaware?

Thankyou for all your help :wink:

I mean … your reception doesn’t change.

/dump1090-fa or :8080 on your receiver shows what your decoder is receiving.
Technically doesn’t show what you’re feeding to piaware, but what you’re receiving.

Data you feed (to whomever) is based on what you receive.