Viewing ADS B Data Locally

I just made a piaware set up and then fed that data to and it has a local server running but I want to make that system portable. I have a portable wifi router that I connected to my pi via Ethernet. I went to the pi’s ip address and the clock loaded but the map and the column of data didn’t. How can I get the map and data to work offline. I only need the basic default map and that column of data. This is really important to me.

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The plane table in right pane below clocks, as well as the planes on map window are plotted by data (latitude & longitude) pulled locally through LAN from dump1090 by json. This data does not require an internet connection, only LAN is enough.

However the google map is pulled from google servers through internet, so without internet this map will be missing and possibly this missing map is causing the problem you are facing.

Is there some way I can download the map for offline viewing?

Can I piggy back onto your question? I am running piiaware and currently our internet is down. 2nd day now. How can I see what my new antenna is seeing from terminal without internet? A basic list of planes seen so I can measure performance of antenna with no internet and while piaware is running

When running piaware you can go to http://your.Pi.IP.address:8080/ to see the local map without internet acces.
This will display your local piaware map.

ssh into the system and run view1090-fa


The local webinterface should keep working without the map (when there is no internet)?

You can also get graphs1090 for statistics.

Using view1090-fa without internet - #49 by abcd567


ModeSmixer2 for adsbscope - #2 by abcd567


adsbScope on Windows Desktop, setup to get Beast data from port 30005 of dump1090-fa or readsb running on RPi, through Local Network (No Internet required)


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Thank you and everyone else. Multiple methods I see.

I like having the RSSI values displayed.

You can also run TAR1090 plus “tar1090 offline maps”. Both are on GitHub. Just search using those names. I have installed both of them and they work well. Tar1090 is an alternative viewer to Skyaware. And offline maps is exactly what it says. The offline maps will require about another 5GB of disk space.

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