Using PIAWARE as portable ADS-B tracker

Hi community,

Recently I installed a new Piaware with a standard tv-stick and it work very well.

My idea is to use the Piaware as a portable ADS-B reader when I are around to make plane-spotting (when I cannot use the mobile data or when I are abroad).

I powered the Raspberry PI3 with an external battery of 16000mA and this granted my around 16 hours continuing work.

I configured the Wlan0 with a static IP and I configured this wireless interface as Access Point (I follow the instructions present here: … h-hostapd/).

The new wireless network work well and I can connect to the Piaware with ssh connection from my iPad, but when I tried to connect with my iPad or iPhone to the webpage IP_PIAWARE:8080 I cannot see anything. The screen remain white and I cannot see the list of aircraft that Piaware detect around me.

Consider this: the Net0 is disconnect, no internet connection is present on the Piaware and I would to see the only data information that Piaware catch. This is my target.

Someone can help me? TKS!

dump1090 uses google maps for the local data display, so currently that won’t work without an internet connection.

You could run view1090 on the pi (e.g. over ssh) which will give you a basic text-mode display.

Thank you OBJ, It is what I wanted!