Dump1090/piaware gui without network?

Hi, all.
I’m wanting to use a pi aware setup in my car when I go plane spotting. My car stereo has hdmi capability, what I’m trying to figure out is if there is a way to access any sort of map display without the RPi being on a network (I.e the ip:8080 method). All my searching hasn’t revealed anything. Is this possible?

Try localhost:8080 or something along those lines.

Thanks for the suggestion. I tried that, the browser just got stuck in a loop of trying to load a page. Nothing actually happened.

Do you have a cell phone that can be a wifi hotspot? You can set the config up at home and take it on the road. If you upload to FA on mobile, remember to reset your location correctly.

So, you can setup a dump1090 install by itself. It sounds like you will not be uploading to FA, so you don’t need piaware.
You will be able to connect to the web page locally via (or whatever port you have chosen).

You will have to get the google map replaced with a locally downloaded source. Otherwise, you won’t have the maps!

One base to cover if you have been changing settings incorrectly… OBJ noted that some users who are attempting to setup a receiver have been disabling the loopback address. You shouldn’t because it will cause all of this to break. I make a note of this just in case you were modifying settings.

The stock browser tends to do that…

This is one of those situations where the android feeder comes into it’s own.