PiAware Standalone - No Wifi - As WAP?


I would like to set up a dedicated Pi Zero W for use when no wifi is available.

Below is my design intent. I have tried setting RPI0W as a WAP, then install PiAware, but the PiAware script keeps messing up the manual IP config I had created.

My core idea is when sitting near an airport, or while at the airport waiting for a connections, I want to display the SkyView dump1090 webpage and not bother to connect to FA and have a very simple setup. I do not want to mess with hotspots nor tethering.

  • Pi Zero W running on USB battery and SDR dongle. No hotspot or other wifi available. If public wifi is available, I do NOT want to mess with the wifi banner pages (“Press Y to agree to silly terms…” is a hassle on a headless RPi)

  • RPi0W is running PiAware dump1090-fa, as I really like the look of that webpage.

  • RPI0W is configured as a WAP and creates it’s own hotspot, but some not have any route out to the internet.

  • I use tablet to connect to RPI0W SSID and can see dump1090-fa Skyview page. I let RPI0W run all the time, and I connect with tablet whenever I have time or care to look at local ADSB traffic.

A simple solutions that help get me there:

  • Set up RPI0W as a WAP, set SSID

  • Manually install dump1090-fa.

  • Connect tablet to RPI0W SSID, then point tablet browser to Skyview page.

Issues with above:

  • Will buffer to FA fill up? A way to disable feeding FA?

  • How to install just dump1090-fa manually?

    Or another method:

  • install PiAware 3.5.x image on RPi0W

  • Disable PiAware IP config scripts

  • Config RPI0W as a WAP with SSID, …

Any suggestions or help? Anyone done this before?

I hate to reinvent the same world, but have searched and not seen any similar setups. Please point me, if you know of one




you can install dump1090-fa only without piaware. But this will not work as you need a connection to open street map. I don’t know a simple way to use offline maps.


I am not so so worried about the maps, because I am usually near an airport and the relative positions will be enough. The maps would be nice, so I might try and copy the cached version from another piaware.

I does not look like I can use “sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa”.

To build just dump1090-fa it looks like I will need to use wget? I have tried what I think will work, but no joy.

Is this the right starting point?: https://github.com/flightaware/dump1090

Can you help with the syntax or manual install procedure?



If you dont want to feed data to Flightaware, do NOT install Piaware.
Piaware itself is a data feeder only. It does NOT contain any map.

The SkyView map is by dump1090-fa.
Install dump1090-fa only. The commands are as follows:

Scroll right to see full length of first code line which is very long.

wget http://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/files/packages/pool/piaware/p/piaware-support/piaware-repository_3.5.3_all.deb    
sudo dpkg -i piaware-repository_3.5.3_all.deb
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install dump1090-fa

sudo reboot

SCROLL THE CODE >>>> >>>> >>>>


The stratux project is designed to mimic a stratus device. It runs dump1090 (the decoder) and setups the wifi as a wifi hotspot instead of a client. So any cellphone can then connect to the hotspot and get realtime data.

The Stratux wifi output is Garmin ADSB messages. So i can work with cellphone apps like Avare or ForeFlight.

The other solution is to run dump1090-fa like abcd567 suggested.


THANK MUCH! I was not aware of this project and it is very close to what I want and looks very useful and interesting, regardless.

I did manage to get dump1090-fa to manually install, but had problems getting the Wifi AP configures. I might still go this way, as it is a nice clean setup.

Thanks Again,