QANTAS 747 returns to Singapore with......

…you guessed it, engine problems.
QF 6 Singapore to Sydney, 1 passenger reports flames from one engine. no other details at this time.


Looks like it.

So this makes for a serious issue over at RR.

RB211s flaming out on 2 separate B744s.

Trent 900 blowing up on A380s.

Trent 1000s blowing up (which is to be used on the B787).

This isn’t looking good…


The QFA B744 RB211 issue near KSFO was an IPT disk failure AKA blowing up not just flaming out.

No details that I’ve seen yet but a news scroll on TV is saying P&W is suiting to keep RR engines off of the 787.

Why would P&W be suing Boeing? All Nippon Airways (ANA) should be the ones most worried about their Dreamliner(s) with the Trent engines, not to mention the ZA001, 2, 3, & 4 test pilots.
At least the Boeing 787 has the option to use GEnx engines and EADS has P&W as optional engines for the A380. But EADS’ A350, the competitor to the Dreamliner, is designed for RR’s Trent XWB (??) engines only …

Hah! Another delay for the competition - GO Dreamliner!


How often did this kind of thing happen to the L-1011? Or RR-powered 757’s?
Do they not make RB211’s like they used to?

I do remember getting into a serious argument about DAL and AAL ever using B757s with RB211s a couple of years ago. He stated that they never had them nor ever will and that I was wrong about the whole lot, despite my posting the full AD on it, which stated that one of those two had them either directly in their fleet, or purchased them when TWA was absorbed into AAL (because TWA’s 757s used the RB211).

Not saying that these are related, but it makes you wonder that if the AD was made for the 757s with that same engine, that a similar AD would have been issued for these on the 747.

BL. … gines.html

aha, they are suing RR not Boeing, it is a patent infringement suit.

Lawyers playing tit-for-tat. RR sued PW back in May claiming exactly the same thing.

Guess who pays for all this nonsense in the end ?


Okay. Shareholders?

Yanno… I wonder what Gulfstream is thinking right about now?
Their new G650 is RR powered.

Gulfstreams have been RR powered since the G1.

Ah, true that John… I guess I was just thinking of the BR725 (that’s a new engine, right?)

Yup, it’s a new version based on the BR 700 family.

And didn’t the Trent 1000 that Rolls-Royce was demonstrating to Boeing for the B787 blow up?

EDIT: Yes, it did.


A380 engine problems not limited to QF32: … 059568.htm

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