Avro Aerospace Regional Jet RJ-85 - NWA


Had the chance to ride in one of these last week.

We flew from Guangzhou, China to Narita, Japan to MSP then to STL.
The MSP to STL leg was on the RJ. It was a very bumpy flight, the
turblence was worse than I had ever expeirenced!

I was quite surprised that this aircraft has 4 engines. I wouldn’t think this has anything to do with the rough ride, but, is there a chance that it does? Also, why was such a small regional jet equiped with 4 engines? Any insight would be appreciated.




I doubt the number of engines had anything to do with a rough ride.

Believe it or not, at the time the 146 was first flew, it was more economical to have 4 relatively low powered engines than 2 higher powered engines.