PSA Flight out of BNA

I am having issues finding one flight out of KBNA-KPHL. It is a UAE flight operated by JIA (PSA Airways). Flight Number 2440…I just cannot seem to find it (Tried both UAE and JIA, by days, etc).


Is this the flight:

A lot of the regional carriers use a different flight number than what is shown in reservations systems.

I used the “don’t know the flight number?” link under “flight number” to find this.

USA2440 will also get you there:

Airline code UAE is Emirates, not US Airways Express.

Thanks ! Sorry for my typo of AWE vs UAE

I didn’t even think of that, since we combine AWE/USA flights to reduce confusion. should also work in a couple hours.

super - thanks ! So I guess for the PSA flights as well as the Air Wisconsin flights that are under USAir - they will all be able to be found in this fashion (usually ?).

Thanks again,
Steve … 777800.jpg

Found it to :wink: :laughing:

Nice ! err…Grooovy. I didn’t know that airline was that old.

I am now getting notifications that the flight filed a plan - but no details for wheels up/wheels down…

Thanks !

workin now…thanks !