Finding Old Flight Number


Can someone help me with locating my flight number?

I flew from Charlotte (CTL) , NC to White Plans NY (HPN) on 10-09-2010 and returned on 10-10-10.

I do not remember my airline.

Could someone tell me the flights that left Charlotte on 10-09-2010 and went into HPN?



Since Charlotte is a USAirways hub I would start there.
Airlines do change their flights, with that in mind here are the non-stop flights operating now (All are USAirways Express flights):
CLT to HPN could be;
4048 (operated by Air Wisconsin)
2378 (operated by PSA)
3736 (Air Wisconsin)
The return could be;
2419 (PSA)
4093 (Air Wisconsin)
3699 (Air Wisconsin)


3 flights from CLT to HPN

FlightAware is showing doubles of these flights - one with three digits and one with four digits. They are all USAirways regional carrier flights.

Hope this helps.

 AWI736A CRJ2 09:15PM Air Wisconsin  

 AWI3736 CRJ1 09:15PM Air Wisconsin  

 JIA486 CRJ2 09:45AM PSA  

 JIA2486 CRJ1 09:45AM PSA  

 JIA378 CRJ2 02:58PM PSA  

 JIA2378 CRJ1 02:58PM PSA