I’ve just bought one of these to use mobile on my laptop instead of Kinetic’s SBS-1. What other software do I need please?

There wasn’t any mention on what OS you are running. Here is a quick list for different systems.

The PiAware software runs of Debian (Raspbian) but can be easily compiled on any Linux system.
Pre-compiled instructions to install on a raspberry Pi. We also have a complete SD card image for this.

Instructions to compile are in the Git. This should work with any linux system.
Dump1090 is the decoder (this is all you need if you want a standalone program)
PiAware to keep dump1090 and error logs running (piaware will install dump1090)

Some people on the forums are working on a windows docker for PiAware. This is an easy to install package on windows but still not well tested.
The prostick requires winUSB drivers to work windows. You can install them with the Zadig windows driver installer.

The prostick is an RTL SDR replacement and will work with windows programs for RTL dongles.
The most comprehensive list of RTL dongle information (and anything Software radio related) is here:
Their list of RTL programs … -software/