Pro Stick Plus & Pi 400

Can I use the two together, but WITHOUT installing piaware?
I currently have Raspian installed but will be replacing it with Ubuntu, and would simply like to add the necessary software to run the pro stick at the same time as I am using it for other things.
Or is this not possible?

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I’m not clear if you are asking if you can run multiple things that use the pro stick, or is you are asking about running the pro stick on a 400. The answer to the first one is no, and the second one is “yes”. :slight_smile: The pro stick is dedicated to whatever program opens it first. But you can certainly run other tasks on any raspberry pi model as long as they don’t try to access the prostick. This is not unique to the prostick. The same is true for any RTLSDR.

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Thanks and sorry for being confusing. I was under the impression that piaware was an Operating System, opposed to a bit of software. reading through the instructions it said you need to install it on an SD card and the pi only has the one sd card reader so I presumed that piaware was an OS as well, as how else could you load an OS at the same time?

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Same as a PC.
You start with bare hardware, add an OS then add the programs you want.

In the case of the FA SD card image, everything you need has been rolled into a ‘ready to go’ install.
There are other ways to install Piaware - the FA image is just one.


This is not your fault. This confusion is result of using the short name “piaware” for both a Linux operating system image (full name: piaware sd card image) and a software installable on a Linux operating system (full name: piaware data feeder)

A dongle (dvbt, prostick, flightstick, rtl-sdr v3 etc) can be run on Windows, Linux, or Mac after installation of suitable driver as below:

OS Driver
Windows zadig
Linux librtlsdr-dev
Mac sorry, I dont know
someone else may give this info
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Beautiful, thanks very much for that

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A Pi 400 is the same as a Pi 4 but with additional equipment. So you have to use Piaware which can be used on top of an existing operating system as piaware package.

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One does not have to use Piaware if one does not want to feed Flightaware.

One does not have to use Piaware if one wants to use dongle for something other than ADSB (such as listening to Air Band, FM radio, AIS etc etc).

beautiful,. thanks. To be honest I prefer not to feed flightaware.
I used to feed them with a Kinetics box for many years when they first started up, giving them coverage for a part of the world they did not have coverage for, but when they stopped supporting that sbs box, the way they treated me and the other kinetics users was beyond disgusting. They just threw us away even though we were an integral part of getting them set up with SBS in the first place.
Shame really as their tech people were ortherwise wonderful, but suspect this was more a sales things…

My comment was meant for the Piaware Image he was asking for. Nothing else


Please see below what he was asking for.



Thanks for confirming this


  1. ProStick or any dongle cannot be used by two software simultaneously. Only one software at a time can use it.

  2. If you want to run 2 software simultaneously, each using Pro Stick, then you have to use 2 ProSticks, one for each software.

  3. In case of multiple-software multiple-Prostick, you will need to serialize both the Prostics and add their serial numbers to the confog file of the software using these.

Thnaks, I am not trying to run two bits of software to access the same piece of hardware.

The instructions flightaware give are to install piware onto a usb stick, which will overwrite anything already on that stick. Which makes me believe that piware is both an OS and a bit of software to access the dongle.
I simply want to access the dongle to pick up adsb signals on my PI 400, BUT using the OS that I choose.

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In this case you only need a decoder software. Install it on OS of your choice (Better use Debian based OS). Following is list of decoders:

OS Decoder Software
Debian based OS as listed below:
(Debian, RaspberryPI OS, Ubuntu, Lubuntu, ArchLinux,
MXLinux, KaliLinux, LInux Mint, Slax etc etc)
Windows dump1090-win32
ModeSDeco2 for Windows
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You’re a gent, thanks