Using PiAware with other software

Does anyone know if I can use my Raspberry Pi 3 to run other software while using PiAware to feed data to FlightAware? My PiAware is working fine but, the menus just don’t do anything, not even shutdown.

Thank you

An RPI can run lots of various types of software.
It can decode IAS, ACARS, WeatherFax, APRS, DMR, D-Star, digital radio of all variety.
It can be used as a streaming device for your TV, a weather station, alarm system etc etc.
It can do almost anything a PC can do. It is only limited by the memory and CPU.

But can I run those programs simultaneously?, how about a web browser and PiAware simultaneously?

Yes. An RPI3 has 4 CPUs. Piaware and dump1090 usually only need one.

Yes, the Pi3 has 4 cores, but it is still not very powerful. I find surfing on the web on a Pi3 not very enjoyable. So yes, it is possible, but might not be practical.

Thank you jonhawkes2030 and biekerc, what I want to do is use a web browser just to monitor my feeding to FlightAware on a screen.