Piaware and something else plus questions

Hi, I’m happily running Piaware 3 on a RPi3 and its showing about 11% maximum CPU usage.
Some questions…
Can I use the same RPi for other stuff too, like looking at my own Stats and coverage or other browsing such as dev.wsprnet.org/drupal/ or for other radio software like FLDIGI?

If so how, as when I connect up a keyboard, mouse and screen and click on Internet I get the message

Invalid Desktop Entry file: ‘/user/share/applications/lxde-x-www-browser.desktop’.

If I can’t use it for other stuff (ie multitasking) will Piaware3 run on a Pi zero with ethernet and dongle on a USB hub?

If I swap my working Piaware SD card to a different RPi, does my feed need reconfiguring or will it pick up where I left off.

Managed to get my aerial up another metre recently. Made a big difference to my coverage :slight_smile:

Thanks for any suggestions


You need to download a browser, ver 3 or 3.1 does not have one only the browser icon:

Open the terminal and:

sudo apt-get update

To install Firefox (named iceweasel for copyrighted stuff)

sudo apt-get install iceweasel

I don’t see any reason you can’t run other applications.



There is tons of room on a Pi 2 or 3 for other stuff to coexist, you should be fine.

Note that the piaware sdcard image is aimed almost exclusively at running piaware, so lots of stuff that would be on a normal Raspbian install (like the web browser, mentioned above) isn’t installed and will need to be added if you need it. Also, there are scripts that meddle with the system configuration based on the contents of piaware-config.txt, so be cautious about modifying anything it touches (there will be a big warning at the top of any such generated file)

If you have a lot of other stuff on there, at some point it may make sense to base it off a standard Raspbian install with a package-based piaware install, rather than the sdcard image.

Thanks both for the tips, its already improved things on my other Pi too :slight_smile:
I’ve downloaded and installed Firefox/iceweasel on my Piaware but I was expecting a desktop icon. I’ll try a re-boot and see what happens…

I think I’d need more guidance/web search to add Piaware to an existing set up, but its all good learning.

UPDATE - It wouldn’t close down from the desktop so I sent it a remote command from my PC. Its back up but asking for a password. Neither pi & raspberry seem to work, nor my Flightaware one? Must be missing something…

The initial password for user pi is:
flightaware if you load from the ver 3.1 image

No icon created for firefox just select it from the menu for Internet


and for your last question, if you set your working sd card to another rpi you are getting another radar code and you need to claim it, because your mac address is different.
cheers :beers:

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Thanks :slight_smile: