Piaware 3.5.3 video out on RaspberryPi?


is there a way to display my feed on the server (RPi) instead of via the web interface?

I have a spare monitor it would be convienient to just have the display going 24/7

could do the same with a RPi Zero that I have, but then I have to find an adapter for video, but if I don’t have to have two CPU’s running…


what about opening the webinterface on the rpi?

it’s not like computers can’t connect to themselves.

you can even use or localhost as an address instead of the usual and it will be independent of your network connection.


how about this?.. is Piaware 3.5.3 more than a shell?

I never hooked up a monitor to mine until today, and all I see is a CLI pointing to the web server url and one or two other options, which suggests to me that it’s only the shell.

If I could ssh into a xwindow environment to run a browser, it should work (?)


To add GUI to Piaware SD card image:

sudo apt-get install -y raspberrypi-ui-mods rpi-chromium-mods


Thanks ABCD… I will give it a go.

meanwhile, FWIW, I tried to run the browser on a Raspberry Pi Zero this weekend… it couldn’t handle my skyview page without huge lag which eventually led to not working at all.


that had so many errors… rebooted… dead pi. :frowning:

going to start all over again, maybe a new sd card… :confused:


In this case install the full Raspbian, and then Piaware. This, if the Pi Zero can handle the full Raspbian, something I don’t know.


I just reinstalled piaware. it worked and I should have left it at that. what a major pita that was… I created another thread about it.

The Raspberry Pi Zero OS has chromium as the browser, so I accessed my server page to monitor traffic. it was woefully inadequate.

I’ll just set up a monitoring station on another compact computer (Pine A64) that has been collecting dust downstairs.

Thanks for your time.