PiAware 3 Web Browser Error

I have installed the PiAware 3.0.5 software on my Raspberry Pi3 and PiAware is running fine.

But when I open de Web Browser on my Raspberry Pi3 I get an Error : Invalid desktop entry file: '/usr/share/applications/lxde-x-www-browser.desktop

I only can press OK and the Web Browser is not starting.

How can I solve this and make the Web Browser working?

Hope you can help.

Same thing happens to me. Somebody said that the GUI will not work as before. I even reimage twice with same result. I download another browser and it worked.
It seems the piaware 3 is oriented to be accessed via terminal. I think the underlying issue is that they expect that piaware is the only think working on your Pi, that I think is not realistic.

Start from a Raspbian image if you want a general-purpose system.

There is no web browser installed on the PiAware image. You should install one via apt-get if you want to use one.