Hi All,
Sorry if this has been covered before I have been running a rtl-sdr usb and I got my antenna today and it came with a microADSB do I need to install drivers for it to work with piaware or will it work out of the box.


Micro ADSB is receiver in it’s own right - may no need the Pi - does it have ethernet connections etc.


Hi Peter,
thanks for your reply it is a usb dongle with and antenna output on it you can get them at www.microADSB.com
have not been able to get it to work yet.



The MicroADSB dongle still is a self contained receiver

That means you can’t run DUMP1090 like we do for an R820T dongle - where dump 1090 does the decode.

I suspect the USB port looks like USB serial port adaptor presenting an analog stream of info at 19.2kb/s or something, which then needs something to manage into a map display / something that can de uploaded.


Hi Peter,
I am doing a bit of playing around with it see what I can come up with.
I need to make a usb port a serial port and it should work.
thanks for the reply.


I have problems to install microadsb in PI
i can help!!!