Pro Stick Not a drop in replacement for RTL Dongle?


I just got mine in the mail and thought I’d drop it in place of my existing dongle. Restarted Dump1090. “Error, can’t find RTL”

So interesting if nothing else. I have all the makings for a Piaware so no huge issue. Just was thinking it would be cool to see how it worked.

Should this work? It’s an older laptop - perhaps power limited? Light was on…



Does the laptop recognize the dongle? What OS is the laptop running?


It goes through the “add hardware” cycle that I usually cancel. After I run 1090, it gives that error and then a bunch of garble characters.

Win XP 3



No it’s a different device that has a different PNP ID so you’ll have to reinstall the WINUSB driver. Use ZADIAG to reinstall. It takes all of 2 minutes. Download SDR# if you haven’t already. ZADIAG is in the \sdr-install\sdrsharp directory…


Voila - working now.