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Flightstick PRO Display Software

I am new to Flightstick. It will arrive at my home soon. What software can be used to display flights received? Can you use Google Earth maps and others? I have an existing antenna and SMA connection ready.

I know Radarbox has its own client application. Does FLightstick have its own?


SkyView webinterface is used.
It runs with dump1090-fa on linux, a Raspberry Pi for example.
A complete sd-card image for the Raspberry Pi ready to go is provided here: https://flightaware.com/adsb/piaware/build

You can also use the Raspberry Pi with dump10090-fa running as a source for Virtual Radar Server.

But it’s a rtl-sdr compatible dongle, there are quite a few applications for those.
I believe Radarbox supports rtl-sdr dongles as well, but driver installation seems to be hit and miss.

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On which computer you want to use it, Windows or Raspberry Pi?

The FlightStick can be used on both Windows & RPi without Radarbox supplied software.

However on Windows 10 it (as well as all other RTL based dongles) fail due to driver problem.

On Win8 and Win7 it works ok.
On RPi it works ok.