Problems in Forums being encountered


Seems that problems are being reported are embedded and scattered within threads unrelated to the problems.

These are the current problems I am currently encountering.

Debug on replying to messages of any sort ( details at … 5340#65340 )
No email notifications on threads I am participating in. I have double checked to ensure a check is in "notify me"
When I post, it shows up as a new message (never did this before) on the icon indicator showing “unread messages”


And a revisit to the “Department of Redundant Phrases Department” as well!


(I know, I’m going to Hell, I just couldn’t resist.)


Should be fixed now.


All fixed, including email alerts. Thanks!


All fixed! :stuck_out_tongue:


We are currently aware of no current forecasted problems cropping up from past excursions into the coding side of the server. Presently no problems existed yesterday. :laughing: