Message Board/User Account bug?

I just noticed I am getting topic reply notifications to my old e-mail address. I changed it on my Flight aware profile, I guess, but it didn’t update it in the message board settings. When I just was hunting around the Control Panel, I couldn’t find where it’d let me change it to my main e-mail address, the area where it might be, you can’t edit it.

Join the club. If you click on messages at the top of the discussions page, then click on profile then Edit Account Settings you will probably find your old email address. The field is non editable even though the the panel says Edit Account Settings. I’ve been going around with support on this for some time. They have said it was fixed and closed the ticket, but the problem persists. I suspect there is an issue with 3rd party software somewhere.

Good afternoon,

Previous to Joel bringing up the issue, there was not a connection between changing your email on your FlightAware profile and what the discussion forums had. That bug was fixed and if you change your email through your profile, this will correct the mismatch between what is seen on the discussion forums and what is on the FlightAware profile. What was not done (for reasons I am not sure of) was a sweep of the accounts where the emails did not match. Therefore the bug that was presented was fixed, but we did not go back to take care of the other accounts; sorry for that.

We are going to broadly correct any mismatched emails either today or at latest tomorrow so your email address should be updated on the discussion forums at the latest, tomorrow.


Ok thanks…

Thanks for posting. The problem was a trivial annoyance affecting relatively few users (see: light casualties are never light to the casualties) and mainly those whose accounts usually predated the flightfeeder program. The feeder program is very complex, has seen an explosive growth over the past year or so, and FlightAware has been working very hard to manage the complexity and volume. You have done an excellent job overall. This reported issue is, as I said, is trivial overall, was placed on the to-do list, and ultimately addressed. As one of the affected, I am glad it is addressed, but it is not a big deal in the overall scheme of things flightfeeding.

This issue was resolved last night when the user accounts under your FlightAware profile were synced with the account for the discussion forums. Any changes made through your FlightAware account will be made to the discussion forum account moving forward.

Thank you for your patience while we were working to resolve this issue.