Profile changes don't propagate

I just tried to update my email and mobile email addresses in my profile, but when I checked the addresses in one of my standing alerts the old addresses still showed up. Then when I went back to look at my profile, the old addresses were there too, so the request to update the profile is somehow not taking effect.

You may have edited your forums profile instead of you’re FlightAware profile? Unfortunately they’re not yet integrated.

The problem appears to occur when you edit a single field and try to update the profile without tabbing out of the field you are wanting to change.

I experienced something similar.

As a new member I was able to register, set alerts and navigate within FlightAware using the Opera browser, but when I returned to edit my profile page to set my home airport and log my text alert info, it would not take.

I switched to Chrome and the changes took instantly.

Just thought I’d throw that into the archives for those who come after.


I had 4 flights being tracked and one changed it’s number. When I switched to the new one and redisplayed “my flightaware” all 4 OLD flights came up. I tried multiple times without success, thus my post on this forum.
Any ideas??

We found the issue.