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On the front page it said (19:27 UTC) that FA was tracking 399 VFR flights.

…Waiting for punchline…

I thought FA doesn’t track VFR.

(How do I change some info in my profile. I can’t change all the profile by clicking on the “profile” button.)

Click on “My FlightAware” then click on the customize link at the top of the screen.

Thanks, I’m an idiot.

We do track it – it’s just not displayed in the current version of the interface.

Not really. Changing the profile isn’t intuitive. The “view profile” should allow the user (if he is signed in) to change his profile. If someone else clicks it, he shouldn’t be able to change it.

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Obviously, CessnaCitationX, you don’t live in the San Francisco Bay Area!

You cheated!
You looked on my profile an saw I live by PAE!

I do not. You are correct.

This forum’s residence is not in SF.

Actually, I checked your profile and saw you in PAE after I wrote the posting (but before I posted it)


Ther ya go!

So, in a future version of the interface, a user might provide a tailnumber and date and time range and the track could be displayed for VFR flight following?

Several uses come to mind:

  1. Where a student pilot is (or went) on a solo cross-country.
  2. Why a rental aircraft wasn’t returned on time
  3. Location of late arrival currently in route

Yes sir – to the extent that is possible.