VFR function down since history became available

:frowning: My VFR flights are no longer visible since the history feature became available. Now all I see is the previous IFR flight I have made. I used to be able to track my aircraft flight progress any time I had a transponder code and flying VFR even in training flights. It allowed me to see my tracks relative to approaches, DME arcs etc after I came back from an IFR training flight. Can we get this feature back again and still be able to gain our track history on previous IFR flights. That would be nice.


There shouldn’t be any change in that behavior… any position reports since the last IFR flight should be appended to the map and tracklog. Perhaps your last flight just didn’t make it to us for another reason.

Possibly but today I flew VFR from Quonset (KOQU) to the Hudson VFR corridor and then to Danbury (KDXR). I would have expected that track to be there to at least the Carmel VOR and the Tappan Zee bridge when I squalked 1200 from then on. My flight from Danbury back to Quonset should also have showed up as I was on a beacon code all the way back at 5500ft.

Is there a timeout feature that reverts back to the last IFR flight once the position reports stop? I usually look at my flight track and save the image when I return home if I need to. The tracking worked fine on April 10 for a flight but for some reason did not work on today’s flight. How long will current position reports keep the latest flight track before they revert back to the last IFR flight?


Hi Phil,

Do you happen to remember what squawk code you were on?

4365 was one of the squawk codes. I do not remember which leg that was on though.
Had a great steak at McNally’s at DXR.


Glad you liked the food. 4365 doesn’t sound like a code from the pool of VFR squawks for the area. Did they assign you a new squawk when you went from Providence Approach to Bradley or New York?

Might have just been a glitch in the system.


Flew today and the same thing happened. I had a transponder code assigned to the aircraft in VFR. Flew Providence to North Central to Danielson to Block Island to Quonset and back to PVD. No tracking of the flight at all.

We track the flights but are having interface issues with displaying VFR traffic. We’re working on it.

At least it sounds like it was a fun flight! I like going out to Block Island too.

Yep, yesterday was fun flying; I never got to see too much other than the last few hundred feet of the approaches as I was under the foggles for the air time. I have still yet to see what Danielson airport looks like as my CFI always seems do make me do a missed at that airport.
Block Island is a nice little airport; I always think of what it must be like to live in the house that sits on the hill just before the threshold of runway 10. They must get some scary approaches when weather is at minimums. It seems like the back deck is only 200’ below the MDA.

I remember doing the GPS approach to Block Island once. I was flying a seneca up from NJ and the weather was beautiful…everywhere except Block Island! We broke out right at minimums, but it was still slightly unnerving. We “broke out” but all I could see was water. And then more water. And I’m thinking to myself, “anyone seen an airport near here?” Finally LAND HO!
It was fun.

No VFR trackig function yet? Can we get the feature back so the last flight is shown even if it was VFR?

Are we going to get VFR Back or is it gone forever? :frowning:

I notice 3 flights in our history, 2 IFR flights that are ages old, a VFR shorty that I did not even use Flight Following for.
But flight with Following and squawks (BAF to and from Sanford ME) of 1 hour and 1.5 hrs yesterday are not there.
Am I looking in wrong places??

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