Highlighted Log Data and Flight Following Map Data


With the recent update, you highlight the flight data you want to view in the Log list. Previously, when our club flew the plane and used flight following (descrete transponder code), the flight data on the Map could be viewed for the most recent flight activity. With the recent update, the Log is always highlighted on some past data, and current flight following on the map is no longer available.

Is there a way to disable the highlighting of the Log, or to view the last Map data (Flight Following) which is not in the Log Data?



Is there a way to de-select a flight, so that the normal vfr flight following map data is visibile? This has been a useful tool for our club. The current update only allows you to see either an active or past IFR flight.


Will there be anyway to view VFR Flightfollowing again?

This Web site has become much less functional for pilots to follow their club and friends flights who are not IFR.


I recently flew from 1a6 to dab on an ifr flight plan. 1a6 is a small airport, and i filed on the ground with a void time. The track is shown on the map, but no flight log…it says the flight has not yet departed.

Also, i diverted on the return trip, today, and it does not show a history, i guess because of us diverting. I know you are working on that issue. Many thanks.


We’re working out the best interface options for VFR. IFR operations that do not transition from one control facility to another sometimes do not show up properly.


Thanks fot the info regarding IFR v. VFR. I was curious why all of a friends flights one direction show up, but the returns don’t, and I am figuring they are VFR, but I know he has flight following with a transponder code. I hope this gets figured out soon! Thanks for a great website.