Not getting email alerts on threads I participated it

Not sure if it’s only me or not, but I am not getting all of my mail alerts or intermittently. I have not gotten any on the banter thread, Lear blows tire thread … highlight=

I did get one on the private ground course thread so I can’t make heads or tails of why I am missing certain ones?

I have marked all threads read using … ark=forums Cleared cookies, cache and the like, Since I use multiple browsers on the same machine and access the forums, does this cause a problem? Where are the settings kept for read and unread threads? In a cookie file?

Any ideas on what else I should do?

One suggestion I can think of to implement having seen this at other forums is to add an option watch this thread (or even forum) so that alerts can come to me on threads I have not participated in but want to watch.

Did that ever work?

edit: I’m informed it did and continues to work. Check your spam folder?

Nothing posted in threads I brought up, but I am getting alerts on threads I participated in this morning (including this one). Just odd on those two threads I am aware of thus far.

Nothing in my Gmail spam folder (just double checked). I had even logged out and logged in to be sure my showing all threads did retain marked as read.

I am also thinking or wondering if it’s how I access it that it’s not maybe showing read (NOT using the link within the email) so this could be “user induced” especially if nobody else has noticed this problem.

i dont know how thats possible, since you contribute in every post. they should just send you updates on every post.

I suspect that using multiple machines is part of the problem. If I go to one machine and start reading forums, and then go to another machine, that second login will reset the “last login” time for my account. This clears the “newest” bit on threads that I hadn’t finished reading, which can be a nuisance.

If you walk away from one of your computers with the browser still on and pointed at a FA forum, perhaps that’ll short-circuit your alerts too.

You probably are right but I can’t seem to figure the point it breaks. If this is the case, then I would think the last read message is machine based (cookie) and not held on the Flight Aware server? I had cleared cookies on all my browsers yesterday and the day before. All browsers were closed yesterday before I went to sleep. … 8861#88861 posting is one I did not get an alert on this morning.

(times below are central time)
The last alert I got on the thread above was at 10:44 p.m. from Franks posting.
This thread’s alert came in at 11:52 p.m.
I got an alert on the SWA announcement thread at 12:38 p.m.

Oddly enough, the one thread I did not get an alert on does show up on … d=newposts so I should have received an alert as I had read Franks response yesterday prior to 185drivers posting while browsing the forums but not in my email.

I should have noted the time I was browsing the forums but didn’t think to do so. Just the usual rolex, webdesign and chinese hieroglyphics spam in my spam folder this morning

The email alerts issue is unlikely be to related to how many computers you use or how you use them; it’s all stored and triggered server side. We’re just not that familiar with the forums software so I don’t know where to begin looking.

I think I have solved this mystery (at least for me)

I found that on some browsers that I wasn’t logged in the forums. When I got the original email alert in Gmail from within that browser, I clicked on the link within the email and it would take me to the thread in question.

However, since I wasn’t logged in the forums, it didn’t not mark the thread read and I wouldn’t get subsequent email alerts until I manually read the thread on a subsequent logged in visit.