PROBLEM SOLOVED/Hacking Accounts

If you find text in a post/response/reply that you have made to someone that you did not put there/type - how do you keep/prevent this from happening again. It is obvious that someone has my password to do such.

I would think on a site with as many members as FlightAware has - that we could rely on security & not have our passwords hacked or stolen enabling other people to type text in your posts (that you didn’t type or say). :cry:

Please give me your suggestions as to how to proceed with this matter… :cry:

**With JHEM’s help/suggestion/advise - I solved the problem & it was me - imagine that!!! Guess I’m just a little apprehensive with all the attacks I have been under - but glad to know that hacking did not occur.

BTW: no smart comments from the peanut gallery - none of us is perfect the least of which is me… ** :blush:

Re-read the post you THINK was attributed to you and you’ll see it was actually a reply from EatSleepJeep in response to you.

JHEM - I made the reply/post & I checked that out - how can he be inside of my post - anyway - why would he say that - it sounds like a threat to me???

Besides the text was not there - I made the post & it wasn’t in his reply above… :unamused:

Thanks for the suggestion & I took heed to your explanation & you are correct - it just sounds weird what he said & I guess I didn’t see it there before - so I guess no one has hacked my account & that’s a good thing for sure.

Problem solved… :smiley: