Spam Alert!

What, no emoticon? C’mon James, you’re slipping. :laughing:

Sunday morning, snowed in, only one coffee at the time I had posted, be glad it was family friendly!

Suitable punishment for spammers: or perhaps:


SUNDAY? Boy it must be nice to be retired…every day is Sunday!

I told you I’d only had one cup of coffee!

Another one!

“The topic or post you requested does not exist.”

That’s good! Spam should not be tolerated here or on any other discussion board. Glad to see a quick response by FA.

I’m just wondering if the poster still exists or whether his posting privileges have been revoked. (I had noticed that the person who posted the item linked at the top of this topic was a first-timer.)



I think it was his second post going on memory…

Hopefully they banned his IP (only a bigger deterrent I understand) rather then just user name based on what’s been going on the past week or so…