Pro Stick X

Come on guys…you surely have an update on the availability and specs for the Pro Stick X by now?

Its weird, I remember recently seeing a post from a FlightAware Staff member. He was responding to a similar question and said there had been delays due to the Chip shortages but they hoped to have them out by November. He said they performed very well. He seemed very excited.

** Edit, I found the post that talked about this. Ive pasted it below :

"esmathewsFlightAware Staff

Aug 5

Yes, FlightAware is working on a new SDR we’re referring to as the Pro Stick X. I’ve mentioned it in passing here and at my presentation at Oshkosh. Appreciate you noticing!

We are several rounds of prototyping in now and the performance will well exceed that of either of our current SDR products.

The global component shortage has been a challenge for this and two other new product lines we’ll be debuting, but we anticipate to be selling all three no later than November of this year."

Was hoping they would jump on this and clear things up…hopefully the recent takeover hasn’t scuppered it :person_shrugging:

This is very much not the case.

We are still working on the Pro Stick X as well as a couple other new product lines. We had originally wanted to release them for the holiday shopping season, but the global electronic component shortage is putting that goal into question. I want to emphasize this is not because of the acquisition. We simply can’t get the parts we need in the quantities we want at a reasonable price right now.

We’ve got at least one more round of prototypes to go and then there’s FCC certification. Once the designs are finalized I will make sure to put out a set of specs here and in our new online store.


Thanks for the response esmathews…glad to hear that its still going ahead. Look forward to hearing some good news in the not to distant future. :+1:t2: So November is definitely off the cards then. :disappointed:

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This global shortage it’s mind boggling to me.
Car manufacturers cannot get their chips either, AMD/NVIDIA cannot keep up with demand, I am waiting for another project that had to change the ARM CPU, because manufacturer could not supply the original one anymore…
After Ford and GM had empty dealership lots because could not get chips for their trucks and SUVs, now Toyota finally got hit too by this.
US and EU are paying now for moving all the semiconductor production in Asia in the 90’s.
In 1990, U.S. and Europe produced more than three-quarters of the world’s semiconductors. Now, they produce less than a quarter. Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and China have risen to squeeze out the U.S. and Europe. And China is on pace to become the world’s largest chip producer by 2030.

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Unless something radically changes regarding component supply chains, yeah.

We found a place that could get us what we were looking for, but the parts were used (read: they were de-soldering stuff off recycled boards). I want to put the best products we can at the best price to the hobbyist community, but I’m not willing to cut corners to that level.


Fair enough, cant say fairer than that…I’ll just have to be patient.! :+1:t2: Keep up the good work…really look forward to it coming to fruition…sign me up for serial number 000001 :wink:


You will have to get in line sir :partying_face: :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Any updates on this for the new year? Thanks!


Any updates on the Pro Stick X?

The global IC shortage is still a thing. Note the scarcity (and high prices) of Raspberry Pis. I was reading yesterday about how factories are expanding to increase production and three new ones in the US are planned, but an integrated circuit manufacturing plant takes several years and several billion dollars to build or expand, and then you have to find qualified workers.So FA Pro Stick X will be available when it’s available. (Unless there’s another pandemic or something.)

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Add to that the fact that White goods are hard to get hold of in Europe because Volkswagen bought 20,000 washing machines to cannibalise for chips…we’re pretty much doomed :crazy_face:

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I used to have a '64 type 1 sedan (beetle) that had floor pan rot underneath the battery and a friend of mine at the time cut a curved piece of steel off of an old 1950s refrigerator and welded it on. What goes around comes around.


Is there any news on this?

Any updates? Seems like the supply side issues should be improving.


Do we have any updates on this Mystical Dongle yet please? :smile:

Any news yet…or has this project been shelved? :smiling_face_with_tear:

Can we get an update please