Presidential Helo

Just curious: With thoughts and intentions aligning in Washington to take another look at procuring a Presidential Helicopter to replace the current vehicle, would you like to see:

A) an off the shelf, currently in svc, helo re-furbished (i.e. CH-47)?

B) a completely new helo design replete w/all the rqmts requested?

C) a look at a NexGen VLP (i.e. V-22)?

Look forward to hearing from you

Happy Holidays…

F-it…bring back Airwolf… 8)

I chose A. I do think it should be an off the shelf, existing and proven design. I don’t think it should be re-furbished.

Robinson R-22. We’re in a recession and everyone’s looking for ways to save, right?

Man, I just got the shivvers remembering what Airwolf could do…

Like Rob, I believe it should be a new aircraft built on an existing airframe rather than a refurb, the CH-53E Super Stallion comes to mind as an additional candidate to the Chinook.

wow…a 53 echo…never even thought’ve that one. However, dont know if it would work with todays mindset of total effeciency. Unless things have changed, the “whistling shitcans” were down for maintenance after a 10 hr flight cycle. Ex-Navy and jar-head aircrew feel free to correct me. (As I’m 2 sheets in the wind from drinking tomorrows dinners’ wine). Notice I didnt say 3 sheets…I’m still focused. :wink:

The Super Stallion S-80 “Hurricane Maker” is supposedly a much more mission ready aircraft than its S-65 family “Whistling Shitcan” predecessors.

It’s also the helo that currently carries the tug and other support equipment\personnel for Marine 1.

Your ride has arrived Sir . . .

Yeah, and give the Secret Service some miniguns too!

Unfortunately I think it is unsuitable for operating off the White House lawn. :frowning:

It’ll save a couple bucks on landscaping.

No kidding!! They blow some wind when lifting and landing. The LSEs on Flight Decks of carriers werent too fond of them, because of not being able to keep standing while keeping them in a hover close to the deck. I can see where that would be a problem on the lawn with all the skirts.:laughing:
They’re still bad-ass though. Good Pic Robb. Yours? I might dig some of mine out when I get a little mor focused. took me 5minutes to typr.

They’ll fire that thing up every time Major Garrett goes live on the White House lawn.

Might I suggest a VIP version of the H-3 or S-92.

Perhaps even better would be for him to take a car to the airport to catch his flight. Oh, and no reserved parking, either. He must also go through the TSA “security” check point.

Let him see what the working people of the USA have to do to fly someplace.