Presidental Air

Who is Presidential Air? I track their flights out of Anchorage often, usually Gulfstreams…


They’re a charter company based in Fort Lauderdale, FL.

I saw that when I plugged “Presidential Air” into (shameless plug, because it has been a while) I didn’t read much into it because I just skimmed for anything about Alaska and didn’t see anything. I also didn’t see anything about Gulfstreams on their site as far as aircraft being used.

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“Search the internet using google? BRILLIANT!!!”

I did Google, but nothing came up that made sense… I see there is also a Presidential Air in Aus.

I do not think the jets out of AK are from the FL company…

Another reply?

Don’t worry funhog, that wasn’t a poke at you. It is a long story around here about me and I saw the Aussy charter company also. I also found a Presidential Airways that went under circa 1985.

I found this link that mentions Presidential Airways…:

Perhaps I should not have found this…


I think that is the parent company or sister company of Presidential Air. I saw that one too, and I think that is where cfijames found his info.

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I used the search engine Google to search for “callsign presidential PRD -president”
and found: combined with those other sites listed above.

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