Missing spooky plane ??


Dear All,
Did anyone find a european destination for this one?
flightaware.com/live/flight/N962BW I cant trace a movement for
it after this flight.
One of its sisterships came unstuck here
aviation-safety.net/database/rec … 20041127-0
Your comments appreciated
Be lucky
David Truman


This aircraft is operated by Presidential Airways, a subsidiary of Blackwater USA. Blackwater is a US government contractor which provides “security” personnel, former special forces types, to augment U.S. military forces (also known as mercinaries). Blackwater operates PA and Aviation worldwide Services, which fly Merlins, Saabs, and CASA aircraft in support of their military missions.
The reason you can’t track the flight anymore is that it has left Flightaware, and the FAA’s, tracking area. On it’s way no doubt to Iraq or Afghanistan.

Here’s a link to this “interesting” company:




They’re very often looking for pilots. Seen ads in Air Jobs Digest for blackhawk pilots and others. Pay is amazing.


Reminds me of those old “Roach Motel"commercials…” Pilots go over, but they don’t come back" also airplanes, etc…