President Elect Barack Obama's 1st official USAF Flight

Video from FlightBlogger, courtesy National Geographic.

National Geographic upcoming special ‘On Board Air Force One’.

Air Force One on Twitter

Interesting. Thanks for posting, Robb!

I couldn’t have said it better myself. Very interesting! I’ll be watching that special on National Geographic. Maybe someone could post a reminder here on the day of the show so we don’t all forget. … b-Overview

Click the box, just below the cargo door on Air Force One photo, and National Geographic will email you a reminder!!

There’s a show on the History Channel tonight at 9PM Eastern about AF1.

“Secret Access: Air Force One”

“Viewers will go where only the most elite insiders from the highest levels of the US government are allowed–on board Air Force One. Discover what makes this uniquely modified Boeing 747 faster, more secure, more comfortable and more capable than any other comparable plane. Take a 20,000-mile voyage through the heart of Africa and join the crew and privileged passengers on one of Air Force One’s most challenging missions.”

I thought it was only called Air Force One when The President is aboard.

I noticed Obama flew to Ohio in a United plane the other day.

AF1 Captain to retire after Bush, takes job as a pilot in AZ. Col. Tillman to fly for Discount Tire. Wolf Blitzer interviews the Col. on CNN today.

I saw this show when it first aired a couple of months ago. It’s a pretty good show.

Correct Rob.

I know you meant to say: “Correct again Rob.”

Here’s the CNN story:

Here’s a story about the Thanksgiving trip to Iraq

Here’s another angle from Fox News

Actually, I’m sure he meant to say, “Correct, as usual, Rob.”

I dont get natgeo do you think it will be out on DVD? I saw the last one I think it was on Discovery, and I cant believe the logistics of getting the prez from a to b.

Rocking rob you kick some a** when it comes to aviation stuff!! where did you get those pics of 1549 on arrival to lower manhattan the other day? :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

If its the one where bush goes to africa, I have seen that one too. It was a good insight to what goes on when the prez, goes international.

I dont do wolffieee Blitzen he sucks. If it were on any other news channel, I woulld be there 5 minutes early. wolf is on I would rather be on this website arguing with everyone here. wolf sucks plain and simple.

yep he wasnt prez yet. He wanted to be on Nov. 5th but he had to wait a little bit, to make it official. :unamused:

probably a big letdown, from 747 to two engines or three on smaller(WAY) bizjets. or was he going to make personal deliveries of specialty tires??? :open_mouth: :smiley:

where did he go?? got crap for computer!!!

McDonalds is scrambling to come out with the Obama Burger (Two all beef patties, dijon mustard, cheddar cheese, lettuce, tomato on a sesame seed bun)

He sounded like a dick when he was ordering that burger.