Preparing for new cable modem/router


Within the past week I received my first Raspberry Pi (Pi3), an FA Pro Stick and filter, and built a Cantenna as my first DIY antenna (as suggested in these forums). I’m really happy with the results! It was all “plug and play” thanks to the PiAware image that was recently updated for RPi3. Looking at my stats page everything appears to be working well!

So here’s my issue: I currently receive my TV/DVR, phone, and internet through an all-in-one gateway from my cable company. I’ll soon be dropping the TV/DVR and phone, and keeping just the internet service. I expect they’ll be replacing my current box with a simple cable modem/router/Wi-Fi unit. Is there anything I need and/or can do to prepare for the change over?

The only mod I’ve made to my setup is to assign a static IP to the RPi, so I suppose I might need to edit that if the new router has a different gateway or something like that. Will the FA servers know it’s the same site the first time I connect with my new global address? Are there any steps I should take now, or after I receive the new ISP equipment, in order to identify my site to the servers?

Thanks in advance!



IMHO your receiver is only identified via the mac-address of the RPi, which won’t change. So if the RPi reaches the Flightaware-Servers everything stays the same as before.




It would be awesome if it turns out to be that simple.

Thanks for the reply.