Posted Photo Removed

I had posted a picture our local airport from Oskaloosa, Iowa. It was recieving quit a few hits, last I saw it had over 1,400 views. All of a sudden it disappeared. I was wondering if something was determined to be against any rules of Flightaware I was not familiar with. Thanks.

This photo?

Yep, that would be the one.

You’d get a notice if the photo was deleted, along with the reason.

Are you looking at the newest upload page or the most popular of the day page? It could be that the photo no longer makes the first page.

I was only viewing the photo on the initial page that opens when you click on the photos link. After your response I did look in the most viewed for the month and week and the photo shows in there. It was that I had just viewed it like I normally do and just shortly after returned and it was gone. I had mentioned the land surrounding the airport is opne for business leasing and thought you mighthave considered it advertising. If you don’t mind I might upload it later since it was getting a lot of hits. Thanks, and love the rabbitt.

You can’t upload the same photo more than once. The only way to stay on the most viewed page is to be popular among our visitors.