Your submitted photo for N125AZ has been removed ??????


I received message:

…Your FlightAware Photo Submission for N125AZ
Date Monday (14-03-2011) 08:55AM MST Your submitted photo for N125AZ has been removed: watermarked/copyrighted image…

This is my photo, no watermark, so I don’t see the problem. Somebody have the same problem?


I don’t see that any photo was deleted…hmm…do you have any more info?


…thank you for responding, i don’t have more info, N125AZ is my photo (B-25 Casa Grande-cactus Fly In) …


This is the photo, but it’s not deleted: … ate/page/1



I think this is a deferent pictures, this picture is from Mesa, the other picture was from Casa Grande… Thank You guys, don’t worry, i just making sure, I don’t steal anybody pictures.

Thank again!


Speaking of deleting photos… can you delete the 3 photos of N269JR that didn’t upload all the way??