Porter airlines


Flying this from EWR (Newark) to YTZ (Toronto City Centre) and back this week; going up tomorrow comming back on Friday. Anyone ever flown this before?? Taking this because I got a cheap flight to downtown Toronto (fare was $99 plus taxes and fees), and I could walk to my hotel compared to the $60 or so cab ride I would’ve had to take from Pearson. From what I’ve seen on youtube it looks like a pretty nice airline, but wanted to get people’s opinions if they’ve ever flown it before.


From what I’ve heard it’s terrific. I’ll be flying on my first Porter flight next month from Montreal to Toronto.

My friends who have flown on Porter have all really enjoyed it - from the complimentary drinks (in real glasses) and food onboard to the lounges to the aircraft themselves, all good quality. I also have a friend who’s a flight attendent for Porter and she really enjoys her job too.