Pope's plane?


Any chance tracking the Pope’s plane while he is traveling?


Alitalia 4000 - It’s inbound KADW right now, but Fa show “No History” so far. We’ll see what we get in the next few days. I’m going to guess that it will be “blocked” during the internal US legs.


Seems to be working fine. Scheduled to arrive at 3:49pm.


Hmm … When I click “En Route” to go here I get “No History”. :confused:


It’s an international flight so all bets are off. I can see on the status page that it has 48min remaining, 3579miles down, 313togo, FL380, 438kts. This data has been clicking off normally for the past couple hours.


Wow! As soon as the “Arrived” notification came across, the Track Log appeared. I’ve never seen that happen before. I was on the phone, and happened to have AZA4000 up, and the green trace just popped on. Divine intervention, perhaps?


I believe Shepherd 1 touched down at 3:50 or 3:51 [he, on the red carpet at 4:11] although FlightAware shows touchdown at 3:40. History shows at 3:40, flight was still at 4000 ft.

FlightAware.com/live/flight/AZA4 … /LIRF/KADW


foxnews radio made a comment about the plane arriving 10 minutes early.


Noted aircraft registration from CNN coverage:

Boeing 777-243(ER)
EI-DBL (cn 32781/459)


Not only is the Pope’s Plane interesting, note the support aircraft activity…lotsa Maryland State Trooper activity flying the perimeter…


Here’s his ride to NY:



Jackman, MSP has an aviation barrack at ADW. Mainly for medevac operations. We probably have the best operation in the country :smiley:.

The helo was probably airborne incase of a call out because no aircraft are allowed to move (during VIP ops) or run engines (in case the VIP makes spoken remarks prior to boarding their aircraft.)


Would this restriction also be in place so that somebody couldn’t conceal any activities due to the destraction of sound?

For example, somebody revs up a jet engine, everybody turns their head toward the noise while the nefarious do their misdeeds while everybody is distracted?




Anyone know if there had any special callsign?

I heard some reporter saying something about Shepherd One.

Was that it or just in the reporter’s imagination?


No special call sign - normal Alitalia flight number. AZA4001.

It did get priority handling out JFK - to the front of the line


Lieberma, If I told you I’d have to kill ya! :smiling_imp:

Snowbird: AZA4001 would display on ATC displays and flight strips but radiotelephony is indeed “Shepherd 1”.


I’ve always found it ironic that the church has so much money to waste yet always cries poverty.


As far as I know the aircraft is an in service Alitalia plane.

Anyone know different?



Should the Pope fly Southwest or Jet Blue while in USA and coach on Alitaila to get here? Or maybe drive to Paris to catch IcelandAir flight to USA. Maybe they should sell the Vatican as condos then he can go live in a yurt in the Italian Alps.

Back in the 90’s the King and Queen of Norway made a visit to Seattle. They visited San Francisco prior to Seattle. They arrived in Seattle on a flight operated by United’s first attempt to go cheap, before Ted, it was called something stupid like “United Cheap”. They walked off the jetway with the rest of the cattle. It was really undignified.