point A to point B

Ok so I work for FX, and am fully aware they can get a letter from TPA back up to IAD area(I might not make the cutoff this evening for it to make the flight). I am also aware of fax and scanning and sending pdf. with an e-mail. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to get a hard copy document back to NOVA by 3 p.m. tomorrow.

Oh ad yes I have looked at counter to counter services offered by DL, and WN…

Thank’s for the help if it is possible.

What do you mean by “hard copy”? A FAX is a hard copy.

If you’re talking about a document with a manual signature, be aware that electronic signatures are being accepted in all manner of transactions, including the IRS and the courts.

Tks for the 411!

I am closing on the house I had to sell in VA tomorrow, and yes they said a fax would be acceptable, I was just trying like hell to figure out other options to get the original up there.

Maybe a big goose flying back north. :wink:

Not Palm Beach County Building Dept. Signed and Notarized Originals only.

Yes, I’m aware of the exceptions, but sometimes when someone is told a signed “original” is required for something it can turn out that a facsimile is acceptable as well. As was the case here fortunately for the OP.

Congrats on the house closing.

Thanks, a renovation, but every job counts these days


Thank you sir!! :smiley: