told cards and WB

I too have looked at your program and would be very interested in using it if it had told card and WB info from YOUR airplane. A member could fax your staff the info for their plane and when they signed in the BOW would be available for W&B calculations. I think you could use the basic weather forecasts that you have on the document to produce that info easily, your disclaimer that this is machine produced should cover the legalities for producing the document, Also could you print winds aloft on the flight plan.


I’d see a huge risk in this thought from an airplane owners perspective.

If the plane is modified months or even years after the data uploaded, new W&B in order and logs updated, who would remember to update FA data?

Next person logging in would run the risk of using outdated WB data should those calculations not be updated timely. This of course could happen with the typed in data, but I wouldn’t want an electronic version of my logs floating around with the potential of it inadvertently used after a modification. Just something wouldn’t sit right with me on this. JMHO of course!

I think the biggest problem with Weight & Balance info would be the fact that FA would have to secure all the data for a wide variety of aircraft. Programing all the various interior configurations, arms, moment, etc…What a nightmare. These applications generally cost several hundred dollars, and for good reason.

What Fly said! As by and large, no two airplanes are the same.

You can estimate net winds from the difference between airspeed and groundspeed in the navlog. We may add it as another column, although it’s becoming crowded.

We’re thinking about how to do W&B easily and intuitively; of course the user will have to keep the info up to date. The issue with TOLD cards is to do it right you need to make predictions about which runway will be used, which is beyond our current scope.