Question: W&B for Beechcraft Travel Air

Could anyone help me understand W&B for my plane? I’d appreciate it.

I’m getting checked out on a Beechcraft Travel Air (BE95 instructor writes, but it is a D95A). I use PilotWiz (on iPhone) and can’t get the W&B entered correctly. Anyone know where I can find the CG limitations? I can’t find the normal “box” for W&B limitations in the POH or W&B books in the plane. I found the arms for front/back seats, fuel, etc, but can’t find the box to create in Pilot Wizz. Anyone have any ideas? I’m wondering if they’re right in front of me, but I’m used to Cessna’s and smaller single engines and things may have changed. :wink:

Also, the W&B shows two arms for fuel, fwd and aft. PilotWizz only has one option. Is it safe to split the difference for an approximate number, or another way to do this safely?

Here are a few pages I copied from the W&B books:

Thanks in advance!

Welcome to the fun world of “big airplane” weight and balance!

First, the airplane was built in 1963, before POHs had a standardized form. This means that the manufacturer could organize the info however they liked as long as they could get the FAA to sign off on it. You just have to read everything carefully to make sure you have all the info.

Second, it looks like the airplane has forward (leading edge) and aft fuel tanks in each wing. You have to compute the moments for each tank and add them to the total W&B separately. Look at the example on the second page you scanned and you will see how they added everything up in the column, listing each item (pax, cargo, fwd fuel, aft fuel, …) as you go.

Add all these up to get the total moment for both takeoff and landing and the you have 2 ways to make sure CG is good.
Compare weight and moment on the “Gross Weight Moment Limits” page (page 4 of scanned pages) by finding your weight and making sure it is between the max and min moments.
Or calculate a CG in inches and make sure it is between the appropriate limits listed at the bottom of that page.

Ask whomever is doing your checkout how they typically fuel that particular aircraft. There could be limits involved, ie. forward tanks must be filled first.

Good luck. If worst comes to worst, I’d be happy to talk to you on the phone to explain further.


Thanks so much for the details! Good info.

I’m still a bit rusty on W&B in general so I’m going to read up on that a while, then try to work through a few samples with your recommendations. Thanks again.

C.G. Range (Landing (+79.4) to (+83.0) at 4000 lb.
Gear Extended) (+75.0) to (+83.0) at 3480 lb. or less
Straight line variation between points given
Landing gear retraction moment (+623 in.-lb.)

From the type cert data sheet … enDocument

You made my brain hurt! Isn’t it easier to just figure out if your moment fits between the two limits for your weight? :wink: