Please critique this landing video!


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Too much airspeed and poor piloting skills in not going around after the second bounce.



I’ve seen this video before. My guess is since the landing is SO bad, I think it was either an airplane with a severe control malfunction or a non-pilot being talked down. The audio sounds like someone on the radio giving instructions. That would also help explain why it was being taped in the first place.
I just wish I knew Russian. I guess “Jahjizsus privaw” means either “go around!” or “power off!”


I’ve always heard, “any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.” This would be an exception to that rule.


Don’t know the accuracy of translation, but the following was taken from the comments section of the above video clip.


0010 - 7065, descend, descend to the point, check airspeed.
0024 - throttles at flight idle, pull and level up, level up
0028 - ease on the yoke
0030 - pull a little, slowly
0032 - more
0035 - pu, stop the yoke
0036 - stop the yoke
0041 - stop the yoke, stop the yoke 65
0057 - (unclear) taxi back
0105 - turn off the engines 65
0112 - are your engines off?


Textbook example of porpoising. The standard response is to add power to keep the nosewheel from dropping again, or better yet, go around and attempt another landing altogether.


How about American Airlines B757 landing at Toncontin Airport in Honduras!
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ahhh, ive done that tgu landing it is pretty scary haha.


Too much Borscht from the in flight meal.