Emergency landing view outside and inside the airplane.

Very interesting video posted to You Tube.

I saw MANY things I would have done differently, but the bottom line is the outcome and a successful one at that.

- YouTube)


Speak english?

looks like he landed with about a 10kt crosswind too - not that big a deal but enough of one.

Also looks like he landed on grass to avoid closing the runway.

I bet its hard to:

  1. get a tear down inspection done in Russia

  2. and then find parts and a mechanic to sign it off. . .

I don’t understand failing to:

  1. pull the mixture and shut down before landing

  2. Fuel to Off.

  3. Door to open.

  4. Mags off, Radios and Master off.

Last time I checked the emergency procedures in every retract has those as basic memory items in the power off emergency landing checklist.

Nah, closed my eyes :smiley:

Interesting enough, on the first attempt, it was subtitled master and mags off. Second attempt wasn’t so.

It wasn’t clear why the second attempt, but if it was me guessing, I would think he was trying to jar the remaining legs down by touching and going on the first attempt, couldn’t really tell.

Based on the response to my comment on the video, I am betting lack of knowlege would be a major player in why he selected the grass vs runway as he was cleared to land based on sub titles. Though the person that did respond wasn’t the poster of the video.

Ain’t 20 20 quarterbacking grand :smiley:


dunno Allen, but with that much time I’d have the checklist, POH and the cellphone out calling the factory for help . . .

guess training standards are different in the old Warsaw Pact. . . .

Agreed, as while he was in the air, it wasn’t an emergency. :slight_smile:

Just more dramatic for the media.


I’ll tell ya’ll why the pilot did what he did,because HE IS PIC at that moment.NO ONE else.He walked away and it appears that the plane received min.damage.The best anyone can hope for.Ease up on the guy…Herman

This pilot did a great landing, i never trusted those strange feet on a 210!!