Planned Route is frequently incorrect


As the title says, nearly every flight I look at, the “Planned Route” is pretty messed up. It seems if the aircraft stays on the planned route, it’s fine, but lets say they get “Direct to XXXX”, which puts them off their planned route, it starts to freak out. For example, look at nearly any AMF425 flight and see what it does - … /KRBG/KPDX .

It seems that as soon as the aircraft goes off course, the planned route tries to chase where the plane is going, to somehow correct it or something, but in reality it just isn’t working. The link I posted in the first paragraph is a prime example that it’s not decoding the correct route, as it should go from KRBG - NOTTI - CVO - UBG - KPDX, where in reality its just following where the planes going and not displaying the planned route.


The waypoints for the dotted line on the map is generated by the FAA (TFMS or ETMS does it, I think), and I’ve noticed the same where it sometimes goes a bit awry. It seems that the waypoints are a coarse modeling of where it’s been and expected to go.


If that’s generated by the FAA, then thats pathetic! I assumed it was from some DB on FlightAware and just drew it on there. I wonder how the controllers like seeing their scope’s looking so haywire.