Planes, Pilots and Predators: Should Parents Be Worried?

It makes me wonder about these programs. I wonder what the liability is? How do they screen the volunteer pilots? … or do they?

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Event flyer (note contact information),%20June%202008.pdf

By Chelsea Kopta KEPR-TV
KENNEWICK – Hundreds of kids with the EAA Young Eagles group are gearing up for flyovers at Sundance Aviation this weekend.

But you sent us an email with a warning: one of the owners is a licensed pilot and a registered sex offender.

Could he be giving your kids a free ride?

It seems, those worries may be unfounded.

“What it is, is a chance to give kids rides on airplanes, and chance for pilots to show their enthusiasm for aviation,” Young Eagles Coordinator Marjy Leggett said.

Young Eagles is a branch of Experimental Aviation Association, and she said the free flights are a way for the organization to reach out to children.

But some parents are concerned about what’s going on down on the ground.

“He is a level one sex offender that was convicted in 1998 for rape of a child in the second degree,” Richland police detective Roy Shepherd said.

Shepherd tracks sex offenders and said he’s had Clifton Dyer on file for the last decade.

“The public, the first thing they think about in a sex offender is a child molester and they wouldn’t want their kids around that,” he said.

Level two and three sex offenders are prevented from being around kids but Dyer doesn’t fall into that category.

As a level one, he’s considered the least likely to re-offend.

And since he’s a level one sex offender who’s not under probation, there is no law that states he can’t be around kids.

“He’s free to run his business,” Shepherd said.

“That’s really a non issue, I hope you understand that,” Leggett said.

Dyer’s wife, and co-owner Sue said Dyer has no intentions of of flying the airplane or being in close contact with children.

Leggett said she wants to put this issue to rest.

She said no one should be worried because there’s little connection between Dyer and the kids.

“It’s probably not a good idea considering his background. It sounds like he’s making the right choice,” Shepherd said.

“The kids are going to have so much fun,” Leggett said.

Dyer was convicted of child rape back in 1998.

Right now he’s not on probation.

The Port of Benton said as long as Dyer is following the rules and regulations of the airport, it will take no action against him.

We also spoke with the Federal Aviation Administration.

They said it issues pilot’s licenses to registered sex offenders, but it depends on each individual’s case and when the crime was committed.

“Touchy” subject for sure… :laughing:

…a way for the organization to reach out to children.


If there is a problem, then don’t send youre kid up; I am a little hesitant however as to why he can fly with kids…no escape!

just threw up in my mouth a little bit

this is on avweb news: “The owner of a Washington State charter company could be going to jail for lying about his past on FAA certificate applications. Clif Dyer didn’t tell the FAA about his previous conviction for second-degree rape of a child or that he was undergoing treatment.”

As it says in the article: He just owns the company, he won’t actually be going up with any kids.

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It had to be done… :wink:

There’s got to be more dirty laundry on this guy than meets the eye.

His “departure” from running the FBO at S98 (Vista Field, Kennewick, WA) back in Dec '04 didn’t happen quite the way he’d hoodwinked his renters into thinking. This “issue” had everything to do with it, it turned out.

Given that “good moral character” is a lisited Part 61 requirement for flight instructor, ground instructor and ATP certificates, how in the Hell did the FAA justify him getting his CFII back?

I find it equally curious that his business only has one serious competitor in the whole Tri-Cities area; everyone else just keeps mysteriously getting squeezed out of operation before they can even get much of a start.

I’ll borrow your tin-foil hat for a minute. Want to back any of that up or wildly speculate some more.

It sounds like you have pertinent information on him leaving the FBO, and some kind of theory on the local mafia. What digs?

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It was the scene from Airplane “Have you ever hung out in a mens locker room? Ever seen a grown man naked?”

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How about filling in a profile before running your trap about the wearing of foil hats and “wild speculation”?

Everything about Dyer’s legal issues is a matter of public record, so try doing a search.

I insert plenty of smart ass comments on here, especially in the Banter Thread but this situation (a child rape conviction) is not funny. :angry:

I’ll second wazzu90’s last statement. This is not a laughing matter.

I not only happen to have been personally acquainted with Dyer (I’ve flown with him). The unfortunate part is that the guy’s actually technically competent and comes across as a regular nice guy, so much so that he seems to go to the most extraordinary lengths to stay on people’s good side. But this last aspect is a “red flag” in itself.

Only required for ATP NOT CFI or AGI. ref 61.213 (AGI), 61.183 (CFI), and 61.153 (ATP). If he is not an ATP than he could easly “get away” with flying for hire.

The FAA does not conduct back ground checks on pilots. That is left to the employer. As a TCE/DE it is up to me to determine “good moral character.” Unfortunately that’s a very subjective - subject. What’s good for one is bad for another. I take a hard line on drinking. Can I refuse an ATP applicant b/c I don’t believe in drinking? Could I refuse him b/c he has a DUI? I’d say no to the first and yes to the second. But someone else will argue that if he did the crime and paid the time he should be giving a free pass (not my thinking in the case of a child rapist mind you).

The FAA does monitor the national drivers registry (not sure of the exact name) this is where a DUI/DWI/OBI or a vehicular manslaughter would show up and deem someone as not being of moral character, but even in this case if he was honest on his 8710 or medical application maybe they wouldn’t take action.

Employers are required to do back ground checks only if a person will be granted “unescorted access privileges to the security identification display areas of an airport.” A partial list of disqualifications include:

* Aircraft piracy.
* Aircraft piracy outside the special aircraft jurisdiction of the United States.
* Armed robbery
* Assault with intent to murder.
* Carrying a weapon or explosive aboard an aircraft.
* Commission of certain crimes aboard aircraft in flight.
* Conveying false information and threats.
* Destruction of an aircraft or aircraft facility.
* Distribution of, or intent to distribute, a controlled substance.
* Espionage.
* Extortion.
* Felony arson.
* Forgery of certificates, false making of aircraft, and other aircraft registration violations.
* Improper transportation of a hazardous material.
* Interference with aircraft navigation.
* Interference with flight crew members or flight attendants.
* Kidnapping or hostage taking.
* Lighting violations involving transporting controlled substances.
* Murder.
* **Rape or aggravated sexual abuse.**
* Sedition.
* Treason.
* Unlawful entry into an aircraft or airport area that serves air carriers or foreign air carriers contrary to established security requirements.
* Unlawful possession, use, sale, distribution, or manufacture of an explosive or weapon.
* Conspiracy or attempt to commit any of the aforementioned criminal acts.

Again this is done by the employer and not the FAA. The Part 61

Prior to 1996 there wasn’t even a requirement for employers to do any type of checks as to flying abilities, verify certificates, even job references. B/C of this there were several accidents that led to the creation of Pilot Records Improvement Act of 1996

I say all that, to say this. I’m sure there are a lot of “mom-n-pop” 135 operators out there where the principal (owner) is a criminal, but they still fly b/c the back ground check was “done.” Or at least the paperwork was. Is this the case here? I don’t know.

Good info Lear, that’s exaclty what we pay you for!

From AVWeb:

The owner of a Washington State charter company could be going to jail for lying about his past on FAA certificate applications. Clif Dyer didn’t tell the FAA about his previous conviction for second-degree rape of a child or that he was undergoing treatment…

COPYRIGHT 2004 Tri-City Herald

Byline: Kristin M. Kraemer

Dec. 10–The owner of a Kennewick aircraft charter service faces federal prison time after admitting he lied to the Federal Aviation Administration about a 1998 rape conviction and his mandatory counseling.

Clif Dyer denied he had a criminal record or that he was under the active care of a health professional on the annual renewal application for his commercial pilot’s license, according to Eastern Washington’s top prosecutor.

Dyer pleaded guilty Dec. 2 in U.S. District Court in Yakima to four felony counts of making false statements from 1999 to 2002.

The case was prosecuted…

I apologize for being humorous in a serious situation.

Thanks for the update. That change must have happened under Garvey, since I distinctly remember it having been a requirement for the AGI when I got mine (under the old Part 143) back in the 1980’s.

What especially chafes me about the fact that Dyer’s still operating a (so far) still-profitting business is that there’s no shortage of people who’ve been thoroughly slam-dunked and never again allowed to come back up for air who’ve done far less. We may not be able to re-try and re-convict this scumbag, but we can at least encourage others in the region to refrain from doing business with him.

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