FAA fines pilot with a long history.....

Wow. Just wow.


“They were among 13 people who died in Pacific Parachute Center jumps. An FAA spokeswoman said in 1994 that most of the deaths occurred after parachutes malfunctioned.”

I’ve never jumped and don’t know the malfunction rates of parachutes, but that sounds like an aweful lot. At the same time, some of those deaths I would have to attribute to the now deceased jumpers. If there was a jump center near here with a record like that, I’d never go anywhere near it. Caveat Emptor!

The other stuff, I chalk up to a combination of having the craving to fly, mental stupidity and the “I can do whatever the hell I want to do”-itis that every old man I know has.

Agreed though - he needs his wings clipped. (pun intended)

This most recent wrist slap, along with all the previous ones he’s received, will certainly give him cause to reflect on his transgressions. :unamused:

I was thinking about this guy while reading that other thread about the pilots with hundreds/thousands of ours and no license(s). This guy’s the founding member of that club.

That’s awful!

Four and a half months in Club Fed, vs six months of work release and some counselling? He’d have gotten off lighter for rogering young boys and leaving Federal game officers to die of drowning on river bottoms. (Yeah, I’m afraid that one’s still in business).