Plane Found 7 Years After Crash in Cajon Pass


Did you guys see this story that’s on the local LA NEWS? They knew right where this guy had crashed and looked for him for over a month but never found him.…ash_creek.html

Frank Holbert


Search for missing ex Israeli Paratrooper after 7 years came to an end on Saturday when the wreck was found in the San Bernadino National Forest.

Aircraft was owned by a parachuting company, the sole person on board, was en route to LaVerne the aircrafts base, from Perris when it failed to arrive.

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I’m not too familiar with the area, but it looks like he was WAY off course.

Also, being that the plane has been there for 7 years, would it be possible to locate via google earth? Or is that not enough resolution to pick something that small out?


The area he crashed in is just outside of LA. The pass though the mountains gets very busy with GA aircraft because of the low altitude necessary to head north. I’ve flown within sight of the wreckage maybe 100 times and never saw it.

This page, 2nd thumbnail is where he crashed.

Frank Holbert


My question would be why was he in the pass to begin with? Looks like his destination field is south of the mountains. Was his alternate north?


Just a guess, maybe he was dodging Class C and some WX? Yes he was 25 miles north of course.

Frank Holbert