Plane at airport, not on arrival list.....

There is a Bombardier Challenger 300 N54HA sitting at KPGV (Greenville, NC) that arrived sometime yesterday or over the weekend:

I looked it up on here when i got home and i got this page but it says the aircraft landed at Florence Regional 251 days ago (July 26, 2006).

The question is, how come it flew into PGV when it’s log says the last time it flew was near a year ago?

Operator likely opted out of having their flight data included in industry data feeds.

Or they’ve been sitting on the ground and/or flying VFR for the last 8 months. Unlikely, but possible.

The FAA-level blocks take place on the first day of the quarter (Jan/April/July/Oct 1) and the aircraft didn’t seem to be flying much so it may have sat on the ground from July 26 to October 1 if they did opt out.

interesting. curious as to why they would be sitting around so much, considering how new an aircraft it is (2005). yeahi dont see any reason why a compitent pilot would fly a Chalenger 300 VFR for an extended period of time. i dont know. just really odd.

Probably what I said above is the reason.

well yeah, you are prolly right. i just find it off that for so long it was visible, and now for 2/3rds of a year it hasnt been. maybe a new owner with a request to not be on there?

Maybe they just became aware that it was so easy for someone to watch where they were flying.

Try looking up HKI54

wow how in the world did you know that was it, ukguy? thanks!! that’s wierd.

Just stuff I know! :smiley:

I kept track of owners and operators of all the business jets and turboprops worldwide for 18 years until I got laid off by new owners of the company I worked for. I used to compile an annual publication, “Jet & Propjet” until the 2005 edition. The book is not worth buying now…

Not really all that weird, it’s the same as looking up N1140A (first jet I ever flew btw). It operates as ANS (AirNet Systems) “Starcheck.” If you saw the a/c on a ramp you would have to search by flight number.

Or if you saw N617QS on the ramp and searched, chances are you wouldn’t find the correct information. But a search for EJA617 would revile your a/c. It flies under a unique call sign, so you need to know the flight number.

NJA and HawkAire both us part of their tail numbers, which makes it easy. AirNet has a route structure which makes it harder to locate to a/c your looking for.

You can always search the airport for the type of a/c your looking for too.

well yeah that was my original problem, it didnt show up on flightaware. the a/c type didnt at all, even though there was a flight plan, but once it left it showed up.

Might have been misfiled by the FSS, FAA, or even pilot.