Pitchman Billy Mays dies one day after hard airliner landing

Just heard on TV that infomercial pitchman Billy Mays died today.
The only reason I’m posting here is that yesterday he was on an airliner (I’ll find out more) that had a ‘hard landing’ and luggage from the overhead landed on his head. Told a reporter he was fine…Let me know if anybody has a link…TC


I just saw that on Fox News too.

USAirways flight to Tampa, looked like front gear tires blew.

info on flight here


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Sounds a lot like Natasha Richardson’s death. Head trauma that didn’t immediately present as life threatening. Richardson also said she felt fine, only to die shortly thereafter from an epidural hematoma. Very sad

Umm… subdural hematoma…


Also TMZ reporting they called FAA and the spokesperson said he was not wearing his seat belt. Now FAA is retracting that statement.

I’m in shock. I had seen this on the news last night. Then the TPA Trib. had a picture of him in the article about the story. I was just talking this morning to my wife about how I thought he was cool…I bought Oxi Clean. RIP, Prayers to his family.

Amazing, I just saw him at the tiki bar at the Marriot in Boca Raton less than 4 weeks ago. Seemed like a really nice guy, I said hello, and that I thought his TV show was very interesting, he said “Thanks, we really enjoy doing it!” The staff said he came in there a lot, and they said he was always a great guest. He looked fine that day for sure, maybe FlyNYC is right re: the Richardson deal…

RIP tooooooooo damn young.

Talking about the landing and hitting his head

Wonder why he wasn’t in the P180?

Perhaps he was coming back from somewhere outside the range of the P180 or likely the P180 share is owned by Sullivan Productions and can only be used for company business and he wasn’t on a business trip.

The current AA inflight magazine has an interesting article on him this month, first time I had heard of him.

That’s a good question ‘slguy’ :wink: He was coming back from Philly where he shot a new OxiClean commercial.

In one episode of Pitchmen, they talk about how he gets mobbed in airports, thus the need for private air travel. His twitter entries suggest he was in Philly for business (and Philly to KTPA is certainly in range for a P180, right?)


Also it was mentioned in another thread that he’s an owner of an Avantair share on the Piaggio P.180 8)

Epidural would be correct. Bleeding between the skull and the brain.

Sometimes causes the “talk and die” syndrome.

HUH? Epidural is what they give women before they give birth to block the pain, and to people with bulging Disks (I’ve had it done)

You’re thinking of a Brain Hemorrhage.

Epidural hematoma - Wikipedia

Epidural or extradural hematoma (haematoma) is a type of traumatic brain injury (TBI) in which a buildup of blood occurs between the dura mater (the tough outer membrane of the central nervous system) and the skull. The dura mater also covers the spine, so epidural bleeds may also occur in the spinal column. Often due to trauma, the condition is potentially deadly because the buildup of blood may increase pressure in the intracranial space and compress delicate brain tissue. The condition is present in one to three percent of head injuries.[1] Between 15 and 20% of patients with epidural hematomas die of the injury.[2]

The cause of epidural hematoma is usually traumatic, although spontaneous hemorrhage is known to occur. Hemorrhages commonly result from acceleration-deceleration trauma and transverse forces.[3][4] 10% of epidural bleeds may be venous.[5] Venous epidural bleeds are usually due to shearing injury from rotational or linear forces, caused when tissues of different densities slide over one another.

“TV pitchman Billy Mays had heart disease, coroner says”

From CNN…Airline breathes a sigh of relief…

its not epidural hemitoma… every epi presents with the worst headache of their life 100% of the time, its so painful it incapacitates the patient 100% of the time.
its also not subdural hemitoma, as that takes several days to take effect, and it rarely kills let alone kill in under a week.
i suspect most likely the head trauma pushed his skull down and damaged 1 or more of the vessels near the brain stem. Brain stem is where your blood pressure heart rate and breathing are controlled, no head ache. I suspect he either had a piece of plaque break off and clog the vessel feeding the brain stem, that can happen any time but can be identified on a CT/MRI, or he had a vessel tear open and starve the brain stem from blood, again can be identified on a CT/MRI, the other option is a sliver of bone flaked off and cut the vessed from the outside, again can be identified on a CT/MRI.

This is assuming he didnt have an underlying condition suck as a prior stroke or on blood thinners due to heart condition and throwing clots.
I don’t know crap about flying, but i do know neuro, 5 years Neuro ICU.